Photography Portfolio

How to Make a Photography Portfolio

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When you decide on pursuing a professional career as a photographer, you will require a portfolio just like other professionals that can represent what you have to offer to your clients. A portfolio will showcase your best works so others can see your skills and value you as a professional. If you have not made your portfolio yet, here is what you need to get started right away.

Start clicking more pictures

You do not have to wait to get an experience to put in your portfolio. You can get started instantly by clicking some good photographs that you can add to your portfolio. Do free shoots for some gigs to get credited for your work. During your career, you will keep changing your portfolio’s photographs as your career starts to grow. It does not matter where your start-up, as all the pictures will be temporary.

Specialize your portfolio

Create a rough idea of how your entire portfolio will look like. Use references from the internet to get ideas for choosing your portfolio design. Pick some good photographs and arrange them in order of how they will appear in your portfolio. If you have multiple professional skills and take up projects for events such as weddings and corporate events, you will need two separate portfolios for different clients.


Choose the photos carefully

When you are picking the photos, you need to deliver as broad an idea as you can to your clients. You cannot use multiple photographs of the same style and event in your portfolio, as it will suggest that you are a lazy photographer. Feature your best snaps and mention the settings and equipment you used for it to impress your clients with how professional you are. Also, consider the order in which you place your photographs. The trick is to keep your best shots after two or three good shots.

Keep it simple

You do not have to make a fancy portfolio to impress your clients. If your cover is too attractive, they will ask for the reference of the person who made the cover, not your photography. Try to keep it simple and keep your photos as the center of the highlight. When you have your work’s professionalism dripping out from your photographs, it will not matter how well you have decorated your portfolio.


Be open to reviews

Once you have finished creating a portfolio for yourself, take it around your friends and other photographers to know how it looks from other people’s perspectives. Do not hesitate to make changes if you feel something is off. It will always help you keep your portfolio at its best. Always remember that you need to portray the pictures that your audience will want you to capture for them.