Learn Photography


An art form of modern-day, with access to a camera being prosaic, has prodded a plethora of amateur photographers to enter this vibrant world of photography.

But for those who want to transcend from a novice to a seasoned photographer, you need not attend a school, but closely follow particular tips that can let you revel in your reverie of eclipsing into a prodigy.

 Familiarise with Your Camera

You might be wondering about burning that camera manual now. But think twice before you indulge in that act, simply because it is a great tool when you are in the process of mastering your specific model of camera.

This does not mean you do an extensive reading; instead, you can just skim through the pages. However, the fact remains a camera manual holds real significance for a newbie.

The reason why this investment of time is needed is that you need to know the nitty-gritty of your camera, and there is no one who can better explain it than the makers of the camera.

 Analyse Online Tutorials

The snowballing of the internet has relegated manuals as mere antiquity; however, you have the convenience of the internet to scour through and educate yourself.

But if reading is a tedious chore for you, then your panacea is to watch a melange of videos and blogs on deploying your model. YouTube is the hotbed of all these reviews, tips, and warnings for photographers.

 Plunge into the Books

The best possible way is to plummet into a book or online portfolio that will succour your journey in engrossing all the creative, flashy, and impressive details.

These books will motivate you and guide you through your exploit, and ultimately unfurling your niche for you.

At the same time, the flip side of scavenging a portfolio is either it can stimulate you, or it can vex you. Suppose you have plummeted into the latter category and are in an aimless journey struggling to reflect their achievement.

Do not let that happen to you; pause and let yourself know good art form requires time to perfect.


 The Mantra of Practice

Your secret mantra is to practice because nothing surpasses experience. Therefore, carry your camera anyways with you and capture anything that grabs your attention.

No photography course can terylene the skills you pick up on the field as you practice the art form.

This will gradually let you discover your style and mastery in the field – a gradual progression. As you review them, you will know where you got to polish your skills and keep these photographs to validate the escapade that has transcended you to perfection.